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For over 40 years, I have assisted business owners and managers with business transitions including:

  • Business Valuation,

  • Family or other stakeholders succession issues,

  • Business Sales.

The transition of a business includes both financial and emotional issues - and no two situations are completely alike.

Whether the other party or parties to the transition are family members, current partners, or new investors: successful transitions require financial expertise, deal-making experience and interpersonal skills.

Call me direct at 205-837-4845 for a confidential review of your situation and issues. Initial calls are always complimentary. My email address is

Pete Smith

Characterizations of Pete's Professional Career


Consultant,  Negotiator, Certified Appraiser, Facilitator, Mediator, "Bean Counter" Problem Solver, Option Master, Director (Board of Directors Member), "Outside the Box Thinker", Author, Speaker, Teacher, Student, more....

Please click here for a resume and credentials (.pdf)

Clients use Pete's Services to Solve Problems

Underlying each and every Business Transition, there are one of more problems needing solutions. These problems include both  financial considerations and very frequently interpersonal relationships. Pete's long career allows him to address both. 

I have served clients from Anchorage to Miami, Bangor to San Diego, Great Britain, Canada, and Nigeria.

Please click here for Sample Client Solutions (.pdf)

Responsibilities and Duties of a Board of Directors

For many small businesses, a Board of Directors is only a formality. Most Boards meet only to  approve the actions required by law. 


A Board of Directors can be an important part of a management team, even when the equity is totally owned by one person. Guidance from other respected business persons is important to keep any business, large or small, on track.


Responsibility 1.

"Represent the interests of the organization's stockholders (members) including adherence to the organization's charter and by-laws."

Please click here for 11 Responsibilities and Duties of a Board of Directors. 

C&S Associates

Founded in 1981, C&S Associates, a general partnership, is the legal entity under which I do business.

For years, my preferred method of operation has been to use the client's local team of professional advisors whenever possible: accountant, attorney, tax advisor, insurance agent, estate planner, and others.


If Clients lack advisors in specific area, I have developed numerous trusted contacts over many years, and we have teamed up with them as needed. 

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